How did you meet the stud?

on here actually

not pregnant, but im going to have the house to myself during my next fertile week so me and the stud are going to make a baby somehow.

Are you going to post a picture of your pregnancy?

i might delete the blog when i get pregnant. who knows.

Love to fill you baby!

cant do it on anon

If you do get pregnant, can we still fuck you? Pregnant women are pretty sexy if you ask me ;)


So are you knocked up?

i’ll know by saturday

Are you still going want guys to creampie after you have the baby?

yesss… duh

my boobs really hurt

good sign or nah?

As a loooong time follower and former playmate, I'm very excited at the possibility of you finally getting knocked up! Congratulations!

thank youuu. come off anon!

Did you get pregnant?

I wont know for a few more days